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    Label tot update from Text Box input



      Label tot update from Text Box input


           Hi All, 


           I have been looking at the Demo COntact Database and I can see when you add a new contact that the first and last name is placed into a label at the top of the page,


           How can I do this, I cant seem to see where this is done? There is no Script for it, No trigger.. Nothing, it just works, but if I copy and paste the layout to my database it doesnt.... Any idea? :) 

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               It's usually a field with a calculation.  Go into Manage Database, select the fields tab, and the correct table.  Scroll down the fields and look for a field called "Contact Name Labels", or "Contact Name".  You're looking for a field that combines Last Name & First Name and/or Company Name as a calculation.

               Also if you put the layout in Layout mode, you should see the label and what Table::Field it references.

               Copy/Paste will only work if all Tables/fields referenced in the 'copy' side, match Tables/fields in the 'paste' side.

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                 The starter solutions that come with FileMaker 11 and 12 are not the same. Which version do you have? On what layout are you on when you see this label?