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      I just got FMP 11  I went through my old stuff FMP 8.5 to bring it up to FMP !!.  (I think)

      Without this visible change I get confused, so..........

      My FMP 8.5 had .fp7   why doesn't that change to   .fp11 automatically ?

      I have saved some as .fp11   is that alright?

      Or save it with .fp only?


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          The file extension hasn't changed - leave the converted files as .fp7.  (Note your FM 8.5 files weren't suffixed with .fp8)

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            The file format is unchanged (and that's why filemaker hasn't changed the extension) since FileMaker 7. The files aren't "converted" they're the original unchanged files opened with newer version of the database application.

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              Sorbsbuster & PhilModjunk,


              Thanks for your response, excuse my tardiness, (working on cleaining-up a F____ up with my main external HD)

              Someday some one from FileMaker will explain to me why the F____ they have not upgraded the extension to match the version, or simply drop the number thing.  Sort of like GM decided that the Corvettes will forthwith be identifies by the 2007 model, even if manufactured in 2011.

              I have noticed confusion with those who are intoduced to FMP, an early question is:  Why not changing the extension to match the current version or dropping it like Adobe.

              An aside:  this new FMP had 'corrected' a problem I had for years with 8.5.   Now the cursor placed next to a word, works from that spot, not 3 or 4 spaces to the right.


              Again thank you..

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                Well, if the suffix was 'fmp' then an FM5 application would try and open a file built under the FM7 system, and it couldn't.  So, each file's system must know what files it can open.  That's why they don't change the suffix (because the application can open all this group of files) and that's why they do change it (because this version of FM can't open the other files).  Whether they change it by updating a number or a letter surely is irrelevant.  It's a similar logic with Office's xls and xlsx suffixes - it isn't just some marketing gimmick (like changing from version x to version x+1 often is.)