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Labels printing, quantity per page.

Question asked by bracke on Jun 8, 2010
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Labels printing, quantity per page.


Im using FMP 11 on MAC OSX, Im a old user of FileMaker but a starter experienced developer.

Im working on a data base for my printing company that will have records with names, the amount of boxes per records and lot more stuff, what I want to create either using a script or maybe just by tricking FM is to make the labels taking in account the amount of boxes that i put in every record. For example, if i create a record that will have 4 boxes for shipping, when i print the labels, i will like FM to look into my box-count field and use that 4 to repeat 4 times that specific  label in my print out. The reason why i need it this way is because i print lots of orders at once and i cant do it one by one by just making 4 copies of the shipping label manually.


Please let me know whats the best way to get this done. 


Thank you in advance for your help.