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Labels with Auto Count Serial

Question asked by SimonArntsen on Dec 2, 2013
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Labels with Auto Count Serial


     Hello Filemaker community, 

     I have a specific problem which I need a little advice on how to best go around this, I have looked on the forums and tried to do my research before asking for help, I seem to be a little bit of a dead end. I appreciate this might be a little easy for you pro's out there ;)

     Basically I need to create box labels with sequential numbers on each label for a particular customer. There would be 6 labels to a page. I would have a running number starting from one to x . There could be up to 500 box labels required.

     Label will just have customer name, destination, ref number company logo, etc.. very simple, however I need a unique number for that particular box label.

     Ultimately I would like for example, I need to print 150 labels. I would enter 150 into a field and push a button where by 150 labels would show up ready to print on 25 sheets of labels. 

     I would appreciate any input on how best to do this. Remember these labels do not need to be saved just printed, I would rather like to avoid making new records for every box label I need to print (if possible) just thinking about the space implications. 

     Which calculations would be best to generate the sequential numbers.

     Thanks for any help anyone could provide.