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    Labels with Auto Count Serial



      Labels with Auto Count Serial


           Hello Filemaker community, 

           I have a specific problem which I need a little advice on how to best go around this, I have looked on the forums and tried to do my research before asking for help, I seem to be a little bit of a dead end. I appreciate this might be a little easy for you pro's out there ;)

           Basically I need to create box labels with sequential numbers on each label for a particular customer. There would be 6 labels to a page. I would have a running number starting from one to x . There could be up to 500 box labels required.

           Label will just have customer name, destination, ref number company logo, etc.. very simple, however I need a unique number for that particular box label.

           Ultimately I would like for example, I need to print 150 labels. I would enter 150 into a field and push a button where by 150 labels would show up ready to print on 25 sheets of labels. 

           I would appreciate any input on how best to do this. Remember these labels do not need to be saved just printed, I would rather like to avoid making new records for every box label I need to print (if possible) just thinking about the space implications. 

           Which calculations would be best to generate the sequential numbers.

           Thanks for any help anyone could provide. 


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               So if you need 150 labels for one customer, can they be numbered 1...150 to provide that "unique number" on each label.

               If so,

               I can assume that you have a table of customer contact info. Then you can define a related table for printing labels that links by a customer ID field to the original table of contact info. That allows you to set up a labels layout for your particular layout format and place fields from the now related contacts table to show the needed contact info on the label. Add a number field defined in your labels table to provide the unique number.

               Then you can specify the number of labels in a field on the contacts layout and use a looping script to create the needed set of labels records. The loop can increment the number field in the Labels table to produce a unique number starting with 1 for the first label for that customer.

               Once you have printed your labels, you can "clean house" by deleting the labels records.

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                 Hi Phil,

                 Thanks for your answer! I will try this now, never thought about looping script. 

                 Essentially you would be creating 150 Records in the labels table, but then deleting them after it's done so no wasted space. 


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                   Hello Paddo, 

                   There is a performance issue with this script, I am remotely hosting my filemaker which makes response time slow down, particularly when it comes to creating lots of records via online. 

                   I can't remember the script, but it's something along the lines, you have a field with the number of boxes you wish to create. Make a script with create record, with an auto enter serial when the labels are created. You then need a loop script, which means it will keep looping until it meets the number to stop at. End loop if. Was the script.  Then a pause script, is required. Then you are on the layout and do what you want to do. i.e. print.. etc. 

                   You will then need to create a delete all records script. then close.

                   You will need a table to create new record labels to. Then create a relationship for that table. 

                   Beware this is a slow script, in my opinion. Could take 30 Seconds - 1 minute to create 400 records. Depends on the internet speed. 

                   The method I opted for but means more work, but much quicker was creating label layouts from 1 to 300 boxes manually. 6 Labels to a box, then simply duplicate the layout as much as you need and change the numbers. Make sure to take the time to get the label positioning perfect, as any flaws will be duplicated throughout. 

                   You can create a script to print multiple layouts at once for shortcuts. 

                   It may work for you but if you are hosting locally, probably the create records script would be best for you and easier to do. 



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                     Is that something parallel to the functions of a UI label control?