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    Lack of Grid Lines represents a huge backward leap to reporting for my colleagues



      Lack of Grid Lines represents a huge backward leap to reporting for my colleagues


           I posted the attached picture to a thread yesterday.  The response I got was that it could not be done in Table View but the more I look I think the conclusion is that it cannot be done.

           Table View is so very close to what Excel does right out of the box.  I need to add a header, footer, and maybe some date codes to the header and I'd be done.

           List View, where I'm told this has to be done in order to accomodate fields that might be longer than the allotted space does not appear to accomodate something like a grid.

           So I can create a report in list view.  I can put boxes around the fields.  I can overlap the boxes at high magnification so that they are right on top of eachother but when a row is missing data from the field the field (and the four bounding lines of that part of the made up grid) do not show up.

           Really?  I cannot believe that after everything else that you can to with FM you cannot create a simple spreadsheet looking report.

           BTW, my report that has 39 names on one page in Excel can only hold 15 lines using the shrinking technique.  

           Please, someone, tell me this is all a dream and there is some hidden way to do this.


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               You seem to have missed the fact that you can enable field boundaries for fields--though in version 12, you will need to turn off the "delineate" option in Layout Setup... before you can see them in all rows of the layout.

               But I'll warn you up front that the inclusion of sliding fields will create issues that make getting those borders to appear correctly difficult.

               The trick, and it doesn't work perfectly, is to use the line tool to draw in vertical lines that start one pixel across the line into the footer (used to do this with the header, but the powers that be removed that option with recent versions) that then extends to just below the header/footer boundary line. You then add a horizontal line just below your row of sliding fields and set the horizontal line to slide up/resize enclosing part.

               PS. It's best to post follow up questions/comments using post A Answer to add them to your original post. That set's up a thread of questions and responses where users can see the entire set of posts and you don't have to upload the same image all over again.

               Also note that every application under the sun has it's own combination of things it does well and things it does not do as well. A databse is not a spreadsheet and a spreadsheet is not a database, thus there will be things that FileMaker can do that a spreadsheet app cannot do and vice versa.