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LAN Connect issue

Question asked by HugoLidia on Aug 16, 2014
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LAN Connect issue


     I have 2 routers from different providers in the house.  With the one I can test everything fine as the second machine sees the first which is sharing the database.  Simply unplugging the machines and plugging into the other router we get what appears to be full network access e.g. we can see each others files and print from a shared printer on Machine 1, BUT machine 2 cannot share the open FM database on machine 1.  It can navigate to the directory from which machine 1 is sharing it, but not actually share the open database.

     This is likely to be something to do with a firewall or other internal setting of the router, maybe a port has to be open - but I do not know what and cannot isolate the differences between the two routers that I have.

     Anybody experienced and resolved this before please.  URGENT as the preferred network which doesn't allow us to share the database runs at 3 times the spped of the other one i.e. min 24MB compared to a fluctuating 3-8 MB.

     We are running FM Server 13 ProAdv on Windows 8.1 environment