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    Language choice Filemaker and Mac OS system



      Language choice Filemaker and Mac OS system



           My system is Mac OS 10.6.8.

           My system language is Dutch, butI I want my Filemaker Pro 12 to run in English.

           To change the Filemaker language one must change the system language of the computer.

           But then of course the entire system switches to English.  If I change the sytem back to Dutch, the Filemaker also switches back to Dutch.

           Is there a way to have Filemaker run a different language than the systems' ?

           Thanks, Ivan

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               What language did you select when installing the FileMaker software? I seem to remember being asked to pick a language at that time. If you select English during the install process, what do you get on a Dutch Language computer? (I don't know, so am asking.)

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                 I selected "Standard installation", during which all language packs are installed.  One can also choose "Custom installation" and then you can indicate which languages are installed.  I could re-install Filemaker and select only the English language pack, and then see what happens.  But maybe there are sother solutions.

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                   I am not sure what you wish to do, but I will give you some general help.

                   The only language dependent action that is done within FMP is 'Sorting and Indexing' based on the MacOS system Language.


                   Choosing a language for indexing or sorting
                   When you create a file, FileMaker Pro uses the operating system language setting to determine the language used for indexing text fields and sorting data. You can choose a different language in the Storage tab of the Options for Field dialog box (for indexing and sorting) and the Sort Records dialog box (for sorting only).
                   Other items that are affected by Country are date formats, currency, menus, etc. 
              Basically follow the MacOS guildlines for Language Neutral setups to make any FMP db set up for use.  MacOS provides all the tools for Unicode or abliltiy to switch between Dutch and English keyboards using a function key.
                   Note: Actions done in MacOS are sent to FMP  ie., filenames on Dutch Keyboard .  Filenames with special characters on an English keyboard will tell FMP the file is corrupt, even though the FMP is a valid file, the name will cause an MacOS error.