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    Large file corrupt file



      Large file corrupt file


      I have a large Filemaker file that was created in FM 8.5. It now will not open. In filemaker 8.5 it just hangs and eventually I have to just force the application to close. I tried a recovery and it hangs at 6 of 16. I then tried to download a trial of Filmaker 11 and open the file and it said it was currupt and tried to open it. It never opened. I then tried to recover the file in FM 11 and it also hangs at 6 of 16. The file is 7.77 gb and contains many pdfs.  Does anyone have any suggestions for getting this file to open.

      Thank You

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          Do you have any back up copies that aren't corrupted?

          Can you open the file and save a clone of it?

          If so check the clone with a recover to see if you can recover it.

          If you can open it at all, you might try deleting major portions of copies of your data base to see if deleting a specific layout or table also deletes the corruption. This is a long shot, but might enable you salvage at least part of your file.

          Can you export your tables to text files? This might enable you to at least salvage the data.

          I also seem to remember that the folks at FMDiff offer a file repair service if you care to pay for it...

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            How to cope with file corruption


            FileMaker Pro Indexes and Related Problems


            As a database is developed and changed, it is key to save copies and clones for backup.

            If the DB is on Mac, try Windows for recovery, and if on Win, try Mac.

            There is a possiblity that the database is badly fragmented and or the hard drive has hard or soft damage. Try another computer.