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    large files slowing things down



      large files slowing things down


      Does anyone know how to program where, we have a large data base and I would like to attach very large engineering files per record but when I do it really slows down so do I make another data base and tie them together - or how do I make the call and still make them easily accessable to put them in or call them up.


      Or is there a way that once the huge files are in the data base they can stay in the background untill call on?


      If it was possible to "leave things not loaded in the background" then it might speed up our VPN and our inhouse network if I could figure it out??


      Thanks!  Larry

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          I assume that these are files are stored in container fields?


          If so, you can set them to store by reference (file path) instead of a copy of the actual file. Be advised that if this is a networked database, you'll need to store the files on a shared drive that is mounted by all your users.

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            I do not understand what you mean - or where is the option?  I looking in the options for containers? 


            If I want to drop in a large file how can it easily "be stored" and still reference it easliy?


            Sorry I sure it is obvious but I don't get it.



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              I'm going to spell it out in more detail than you probably need, but it's better to do that than still leave you confused: :smileywink:


              Open Manage | Database | Fields and enter the name of a new field, select "Container" as its field type and create it.


              Click OK.


              Enter layout mode

              Add the field to a layout.

              Enter browse mode


              Right click the field and choose Insert File, or click it and choose the same option from the insert menu.

              Select the file, select the "Store only a reference to the file" option at the bottom of the dialog and click Open.


              You've now stored a reference to a file in a container field in your database. Double click the field to open the file with the appropriate application.

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                Thank you so much! 


                I know it was simple I just did not see it, thanks again.