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    Large Print Jobs Fail with FMP8.5 on older HP printers



      Large Print Jobs Fail with FMP8.5 on older HP printers


      We are finally on the last stretch of convering our huge (73 files) solution from FMP6 to FMP8.5 and have run into a brick wall with printing. FMP6 sent huge files quickly to our printers and the hardcopies instantly came flying out. But with FMP8.5, most jobs over 100 pages just sit in the printer queues or trickle VERY slowly into the printers such that no paper ever gets printed (even after waiting up to an hour). 


      Computers are various flavors of Macs running OS 10.4 or 10.5 with FMP/FMPA 8.5 clients hanging on Server 8.

      Printers are the HP Laserjet 8000 and 8150 workhorses.


      We also have two Xerox solid ink color printers that seem to handle large jobs ok, but they can't fit our large envelop stock, and it's an expensive waste to use them for these bulk mailings. We need to be able to use the cheaper (and wider) HP printers.




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          When OSX exhibits printer problems.

          1] verify the printer drivers are current.

          2] Delete the instance of the printer, Add the printer back.

          This works a large percentage of the time.

          If the computer is talking directly to the printer and not to a print server or spooler.


          Corrupt font caches can cause this, but is unlikely because the caches are found on each machine.


          It is possible that one or more of the databases has corrupt font information. I have recently run into this in a FMP 5.5 to FMP 10 conversion. Did you get any errors on conversion? Did you convert with FMP Advanced or FMP?

          Any fields display <unknown font> errors? 


          There is a printing system repair utility called

          Print Therapy 6.0.7 LE - (Leopard) repair printing system problems



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            Thanks David.


            OSX isn't the problem. I could print just fine with all other apps on these computers including FMP6. I only had problems printing with FMP/FMPA 8.5. I, too, started to focus on font compatibility issues since fonts also seemed to be related to a previous problem I was having with saving to pdf ONLY on FMP 8.5 and no other app, until I finally hacked an FMPA config file to make saving to pdf work!


            Turns out I just came across the Gutenprint drivers, and preliminary tests indicate that those pearls might have just solved all my printing problems. Unbelievable. 




            Thanks for your assistance.