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    Launch and Open with one password



      Launch and Open with one password


      Good morning!

      Our small business just upgraded from FileMaker Pro 5 to FileMaker Pro 11. In the old verison, we were able to open up FileMaker from the desktop, put in one password and all the files would load. How can I set it to do the same thing in FileMaker 11? I disabled the old passwords before converting the files and made a new account & password for v11.

      Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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          Execpt for the fact that you now have an account name and password instead of just a password to enter, the process and set up can be the same. Define matching account names and passwords in each file. When you open the main file, any references to the other files will use the same account name and password that opened the main file to open the other files.

          Keep this in mind, though: passwords are now case sensitive. This makes for better security, but make sure that you set up your accounts in each file with exactly the same capitalization for each password. (Account names are not case sensitive.)

          With 11, you now have the option to manage account security via script. If you want, you can set up a system of scripts so that you can add or change an account in the main file and then the scripts can create/update the matching accounts in the other files.

          Also, if you haven't already done so, open Manage | external data sources on each file. You may find that your converted files have a lot of extraneous file references that can be cleaned up. If you have Advanced, you can even merge references in the converted files to eliminate multiple file references to the same file. (You can do text searches in the Database Design Report to find each instance of a specific file reference and update it to use a different reference to merge them down to one reference per file.)

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            Thanks for the info, I don't have Advnaced. How do I get it to open all my files when I launch FileMaker from my desktop? Someone else setup Filemaker 5 and I don't know how it was set up.

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              Do you really need it to? (any layout that refers to a table from another file will automatically open the other file as a 'hidden' file.)

              A script in the main file can use Open File to open another file. This script can be set in File Options to run automatically when the file is opened. this has not changed from Filemaker 5 and any such script in 5 should still open the files in 11--provided the accounts and passwords match. The files may be opening, but may be hidden. Check the windows menu, selecting Show to see any hidden windows.

              There's a bug in recent versions that can leave the names of open files out of the Windows menu on Windows systems. If you are a windows user, you may have to minimize your current window so that you can look over the Filemaker application window for the presence of any windows, hidden or otherwise that are currently open.

              I highly recommend acquiring FileMaker Advanced for anyone creating/modifying FileMaker files. It's more expensive, but the script debugger, data viewer and data base design report can save you hours and hours of time when you are trying to figure out why your database isn't working as expected.