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    Layout advice



      Layout advice


      My DB has a relationship of

      Clients ----< Policies ----< Renewals
                                      \ ----< Classes

      From a layout based on the Clients table, I have a button that opens up a new window to create a new Policy for that client.  Currently, the way I have it set up right now, the new window shows a layout based on the policies table.  You'd fill in all the required info, press a button, and it would close that window and bring up a renewals layout, enter all that info, press a button to op the classes layout and enter all that info.

      Is it possible to have one layout to cover the information required in all 3 tables?  So that a record would be created in each table that is related to the Client?

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          You could put portals to Renewals and Classes on your policies layout and use the portals to both create related records in those tables and to fill in the needed information. I suggest a portal, because you show a one to many relationship from Policies to these other two tables, but if you only need fill in info for one related record in the other two tables at the time you create a policies record, you can enable "allow creation..." for the related tables and just add the fields from Renewals and/or classes directly to the layout. You'd only need the portal for viewing/creating/adding multiple related records.