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      Layout and Tabs & iPad 2


           I have two questions. First I have made a address label layout for my students and I want to make tabs to pull certain students for mailing (Ex. Graduate, Provisional, Undergraduate) is this possible and how do I do this?
           Second, my college purchased me an iPad2 and would like to have the FMPro on it so that I may use it for my field work and then sync it to my Desk top PC, can I do this and if so what is the process in accomplishing this?
           Thank you in advance!

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               A tab control can be created in FileMaker and a portal listing a different sub set of your student records could be put on each panel of such a tab control. But that may or may not be the best interface design option for what you want to do as there are also other ways to work with groups of records.

               iPads can download FileMaker GO from the App store. It's free so you can set up an iPAD as a client of a database hosted by FileMaker Pro or Server on a computer or you can copy a FileMaker Database file to the iPad and open it with FM Go. If you set up the iPad as a client of a hosted database, the "synching" is not an issue as you can enter the data directly into the same database file. If you copy the entire file or just some of the records to the iPad you will then need to synch the data back to the main database file. This can be a simple process or very complicated depending on the design of your database and how you need to use the iPad to collect and modify data. There are 3rd party produced Synch tools that can do the synching for you . 360Works and SeedCode are two companies that offer such a product.

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                 I want to make sure that FMP GO is synced with my desk top PC. Where would I go to find out how to do this and to make sure I do this correctly?

                 Thank you so much for your help, I have no tech support or tutorials to help me!

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                   See this documentation from FileMaker: http://www.filemaker.com/solutions/ios/docs/fmi_guide_sync_en.pdf