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Layout annoyances with FM 12

Question asked by john9210 on Apr 15, 2013
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Layout annoyances with FM 12


     I have converted many of my FM 11 files to FM 12 with no problems. However, I do experience a large number of annoyances when working with the converted files in the layout mode. I really can’t tell if these are issues with FM 12 or the conversion processes. Here are some of them.

     1.      Quite often, objects “jump” and slighlty change position when clicked with the mouse. I have to re-align mannually. The jump is about a pixel. Even being extremely careful when clicking with the mouse doesn't help.

     2.      Ctrl-Shift-Drag a field does not constrain the duplicate to be line with the original object (as it did in FM 11). It’s off-set is must be positioned manually. This is also true for objects.

     3.      You can’t Alt-drag the lower Body part boundary past an object unless there is a part below the Body (like a Footer).

     4.      Objects don’t always snap to guides. Sometimes they are about a pixle off and need to be manually re-positioned to the guide.

     5.      Major grid lines are hard to see on the layout. They are light gray which is very similar to the gray background.

     6.      Fields created in FM 11 won’t align properly to the grid after conversion to FM 12. Will grid alignement only work with new fields created in the FM 12?

     7.      Snap to Guide doesn’t work when the snap to Grid is on. When Snap to Grid is on, objects snap but the handles only touch Guide lines. They are not centered on the Guide line. When Snap to grid is off, objects snap with handles centered on the Guide as they should be.

     Now here’s a strange one

     If I enclose some fields within a rectangle (I haven’t tried other shapes) and then group the fields and rectangle, everything is ok. However, when I un-group them the fun begins.

     1.      If I drag the rectangle to a new position, some of the fields move with the rectangle! Of course, none of them should.

     2.      If I delete the rectangle, some of the fields are deleted with the rectangle! The other fields remain in their original positions.

     3.      If I make the rectangle smaller by dragging the bottom line up (or top line down) some of the fields disappear when the bottom line crosses them! The other fields stay outside the new smaller rectangle.


     Has anyone else experienced these or other annoyances?