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    need some basic help!!!



      need some basic help!!!


      Hey there,

      I'm new to filemaker pro and confused. I have 2 databases to work with. I have to get the information from one added to the other. Now, I have managed to make a script to import the records. However, every time I try to import the records to the form view it tells me that there aren't enough records to transfer the information. If I go to form view and add new records then the script will transfer it - no problem. but that would seem like such a hassle. How would I get the script to create a new record for each new record being imported? step by step, simple basic steps would be great. I'm not a big IT person. 

      Thanks in advance,


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          It would be useful to tell us exactly what you want to do and why. It's possible that you do not need to import records like this at all. Frankly, I'm at a bit of a loss as to how you are getting a "not enough records" message in the first place as this is not how the Import Records tool normally works. Perhaps you are running a script (clicking a button perhaps?) to import the records and it is displaying such a message. If so, we'd need to look at that script.

          This is the basic process for importing records. Please do two things before trying to do this again:

          1. Make a back up copy of your file--this way you can easily start over if the import records process doesn't work the way you wanted.
          2. Read up on Import Records in fileMaker help. There are a lot of options you can choose from when importing records and this can help you better pick the correct options.


          In your First file, go to a layout based on the table from which you want to import records. This is your "Source table". Perform a find if you only want to import certain records. The Import records will import all the records in your found set so this step will determine what records are imported. If you want to import all records, do a Show All Records from the Records menu.

          Open your second file. Go to a layout based on the table which you want to receive the imported records. This is your "target table". Select Import records from the File menu.

          Select your first file as the source file and then select the source table you want in the source table drop down. Use the field mapping options to control which target table fields get data from the fields you select in the source table. In the Import Action section select Add new records to add all records from the source table's found set.

          When all of this is set up the way you want it, click Import. You'll get one last dialog asking you to specify a few more options. You'll need to select the options that do what you need here and I don't know enough about what you are trying to do to be able to tell you what options to select here.

          Your records should now import into the source table you've specified.

          One thing that can block the import of records is that you may have validation rules specified in field options for fields in your target table. If so, some of these settings, if "validate always" is selected, may block the import of records that fail validation. A classic example of this is if you import data into a field with unique values specified as a validation rule. If this is the case the first record with a given value mapped to this field will be imported, any subsequent records with the same value in this field will not be imported.

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            - Phil, is it that they have a found set in the destination file and have clicked 'Update records in existing found set', and not ticked the 'add new records' (and they have more records in the source than the destination)?  If that is the case there might be a bigger problem with what the 'Update' criteria were, of course...

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              That's definitely a possibility, but it doesn't produce such an error message as described. That's a detail that has we wondering about how much was not reported by our original poster here.

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                ok, well. What I did first was transfer my info by importing the file. This works great. I hit the button and the script imports and updates everything in the table. However, I really don't need the table. I want to be able to transfer my info from database 1 to my forms view in database 2. I tried to create a script where the import will go directly to my forms layout in database 2. I thought it would be as simples as Import records. I selected the corresponding file, I matched the source fields to the target fields and I did select add new records. Then, I made a button for it. Now, the buttons does work it does import the info. However, if I want to import 2 new records, but I have only 1 empty record in my forms view only 1 record will get imported. Basically, if I want to import 6 records, I have to go to my forms view, click new record 6 times at which point, the button will transfer all 6 records. I want to find a way for the script to automatically add the new records as it's importing them. I hope I'm making sense.

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                  That doesn't fit the Add Records option. Import Records will import all the records in the source table's found set if the source file is open and you can get all the records in the table if it is closed at the time you import the records. You can also access different found sets if you have more than one table occurrence (box in Manage | Database | Relationships) to the same table in your source file. Each occurrence will be listed in the drop down list of source tables.

                  The only way I know that the current found set will limit the number of records imported is if you use either the "update existing records in found set" or "Update matching records in found set" options instead of Add new records and did NOT select the "add remaining data as new records" option.

                  Make sure that you select Add Records in the Import Action section and you shouldn't be limited by the current records in your found set.