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Need some development approach help

Question asked by aammondd on May 12, 2011
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Need some development approach help


I have worked with FMP for a while now and have some pretty hefty script trigger features that Ive developed in testing.

What Im after is a suggestion on development techniques for how to ensure that all the trigger settings get retained when I place a field on a layout

Would it be prudent to have a development pallet like layout to copy and past fields from or is there a  better way?

Im using a number of records that consist of only global fields to control a number of things and was wondering what challenges I might run into if I used these records as my primary layout record?

Im currently using FMP 11 Advanced on Windows and have a few applications I plan to design that will have common features. Im guess Im looking for some tips on setting up my development platform with the "custom toys" I have been able  to build.

Because Filemaker is generally so free form I havent seen any "tool" out there that does quite what Im looking for. Im not sure I really want to spend a ton of time building a "development solution" but Im sure there is some middle ground to be had to take advantage of common development features.