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Need some direction in structuring a database

Question asked by larsof54 on Jan 21, 2011


Need some direction in structuring a database


I am trying to set up a database for my 8-ball league. Currently, I am doing it in Numbers and that works ok but I am thinking that FMP could automate things a little better for me.

We have 16 teams of 5 or more players and we have a 25 week schedule. What I would like do is enter the data for each match of each week and then have FMP calculate all of the appropriate team and individual stats. Each match has 5 players from one team playing against 5 players from another team. We play 7 rounds of 5 games. Spares can go in and replace players as the match progresses. Players can play for other teams when necessary.

We use a handicap system where the score for a single game can be from 0 to 17.

I already have a layout done for entering an individual match and calculating a summary for all players and spares used in that match. Now I need to be able to include that match's data in a main database that maintains and calculates ongoing stats for each player and for each team.

I have attached a completed score sheet.