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need some general information

Question asked by DebDunkerton on Apr 23, 2011
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need some general information


i know nothing about filemaker so please humour me :)

i have a fairly complex database created in Access 2010, I distribute it freely to a fairly large group of people using a lot of different systems - about 80% of them use a runtime version of Access to use it, as you can imagine that is clumsy at best, also the mac people cant use it at all

So, i've decided i need to transfer it to Filemaker to make it more user friendly

Before i make the leap i need to clarify some issues

  • virtally nobody has filemaker and aren't going to lash out and buy the full version - is there a runtime version of filemaker or will they be able to use it from a server without buying additional software?
  • if i do choose to run it from a server, what software will i need to buy?
  • I know Access pretty well (i've been using it for over 10 years) - how easy is filemaker to use and is it worth me changing my software?
  • The idea of being able to use it on my Ipad was the deciding factor - how good is that feature?

I actually quite like Access 2010 so changing to filemaker is a big step for me - tell me i wont regret this Cry