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Need some help to show available "tags" in a portal row

Question asked by eddee on Nov 9, 2011
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Need some help to show available "tags" in a portal row


Hi all,


first post and already a question..

I am trying to create a portal where people can select "tags" to append to projects and client.


lets say we have several promo projects and some need the the tag ibiza and compilation other projects need the tag ibiza and festival

the same goes for clients. the tags come from the same pool.

what i would like to have are two columns the left one with available tags and the right one with assigned tags.

Then select one or more tags on the left press the button and then they should be removed from the left column and added to the right one.

I have a script that makes it possible to select a tag from the left and put it in the right column. The PROBLEM is that i can't manage to remove the tags on the left after they have been added to the right column.


This is how my config looks like

3 tables (there are more, but to keep it simple I only describe these 3)

project with project_id and project name

tags    with tag_id  and tag name

tagmember with tagmember_id, project_id and tag_id


2 table instances (see also picture.)

1) "project"(project_id) = (project_id) "tagmember_promo" (tag_id) = (tag_id) "tags_promo"

and the second instance are cartesian relations (I use the table tagmemeber and tags twice)

2) "project"(project_id) =>X<= (project_id) "non tagmember" (tag_id)=> X<= (tag_id) "non tags_promo"


2) portals

the left (available tags)

show related records from from "non tags promo"

with the field: non tags promo::tags

and it has the following filter

non tags promo::tag_id ≠ tag_member_promo::tag_id


the right column (assigned tags)

everything is fine


with this setup the filter only removes the first tag.


Can somebody help me or point me into getting a column with ONLY available tags?