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    Need Some Help with a complicated script



      Need Some Help with a complicated script


      I currently have a two table database.  In the first table I have a list of records that includes a list of names.  In the second table I have an employee listing with email addresses and office locations.


      What I need the script to do is look at the name in the first table and if it is an exact match add that persons email address and office location to the first table.  For the names that don't have an exact match I need it to show me similar names from the second table and allow me to choose a name that best matches so that I can import all users email addresses and office locations.


      Can someone help me with this one?

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          Jens Teich
             Finding the exact matches is comparatively easy but the second part - suggestions for similars - is a bit harder.

          First the easy part: Create a relationship from person::name to employee::name and a calculation field count(relationshipJustCreated::ID). If the calculation field shows exactly one you can transfer the data with script step 'set field'. It might be sufficient to transfer the ID.

          The second part needs some testing. If there are not to many records a calculation on both sides = Left(
          name ; 1 ) and a relationship connecting both could do the job. If that shows to many hits you can increase the 1 to a convenient value. But all this will fail if the first letter is written differently on both sides.