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Need some help with a report - grouping relational fields

Question asked by Skeyelab on Mar 20, 2009
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Need some help with a report - grouping relational fields


I am stumped a bit. 

I have 3 tables, Estate, Room and Item


Each table has "id" fields.  Room has a field called "parent_estate" and Item has a field called "parent_room"


the relationships are Estate -< Room -< Item,  as eash estate has multiple rooms, and each room has items.


I currently have a layout that allows me to page by estates, and see my items.  I also have a Portal that lists the Estates rooms, and allows a user to create a room.


I want to put a button on this layout that will generate a report, for the current estate only.  I want to report to list estate details in the header, along with our logo, etc.  I want the report to list the items in the estate grouped by rooms.


I cant seem to get the report to work the way i want.  I got it working kind of how i wanted, but its listing all of my estates. 


Can anyone help me with this?  I am more than happy to provide more info if necessary.