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Need some help with an Apple script

Question asked by PeterAndersson on Apr 20, 2015
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Need some help with an Apple script


I'm trying desperatly to get my applescript to work (It works great in the apple script editor, but filemaker refuses to accept it.

Could anyone please point me in the right direction?



This is my script that should create a folder and tag it:

"tell application \"Finder\"¶
make new folder at alias \":Volumes:Jobb:\" with properties {name:\"" & arbetsorder::Mappnamn & "\"}¶
end tell"

if (arbetsorder::Ansvarig = "Peter Andersson") then¶

    set username to "Peter"¶
end if¶

do shell script "/Volumes/Jobb/_Peter/tag/tag -r \* " & \":Volumes:Jobb: & arbetsorder::Mappnamn\"¶
do shell script "/Volumes/Jobb/_Peter/tag/tag -a " & username & " " & \":Volumes:Jobb: & arbetsorder::Mappnamn\"¶