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Need some help with how to set this up.

Question asked by dyang on Jan 19, 2010
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Need some help with how to set this up.



My supervior ask me to set up a template to do some financial recording for our school. There is only one frield that I cant figure how to make it work. 

I need a field that can calculate the perivous month's usage and add to this month's total.


Lets say on December 2009, we got $2100 for the catergory , Senior Trip,  and this month we got $3200 for Senior Trip. I will need to add up both months and show a tota. 



December 2009 Senior Trip will be one record, and January 2010 Senior Trip will be another record. 


The thing I am confuse about is, how to make a field that will find the related Catergory and get the total or the difference between the two month. 


Also, for the report layout, it is possible for one column to show December 2009 and the Next showing January 2010? 



Thanks for reading and helping.