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Need Some help with Value Lists

Question asked by chance_1 on Sep 13, 2010
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Need Some help with Value Lists



I am relatively new to FileMaker and to this Forum... First of all, I would like to thank all of the contributors that take the time to assist and educate those that need assistance... So far I have been able to search the Forum and find the answers and solutions to all my questions and problems...

I am creating a solution that tracks employee performance... A supervisor would enter the program and comment or document a particular work-related incident or performance into a table I have named "Entries."

Each individual entry is classified by the user from a pop-up list populated by categories derived from a value list... The Categories and their definitions are stored in a related table called "Standards."

I have researched the posts and solutions relating to conditional value lists and understand that a second field can be used to filter... In my case, I need two fields to filter the value I need to get... The values in the list are dependent on two fields: 1) the department the employee works in, and 2) the position the employee holds.

Currently there are 26 categories in the Standards table... 6 of those categories are common to 3 of 4 departments... The other 20 categories are dependent on the employee's position.

So as an example: The user selects an employee name from a list... That employee's department could be "Administration" and the position might be "Supervisor."  Based upon "Administration" and "Supervisor," I need to derive the pertinent categories from my value list... Is this possible?

At present, it looks like I have 6 possible scenarios for the value list... If I created the 6 value lists using custom  values, would it be possible to change the value list of a pop-up menu based upon modifying the employee field (via a script trigger)?

I am using FM 11 Pro Advanced on a Windows XP machine.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for any suggestions !