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Need Some ideas

Question asked by jluca on Jun 4, 2009
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Need Some ideas


Hello ALL, 


I am making an p.o database.


I want some user to see different purchasing order list.





I want admin to see all p.o listed


I want user1 to see all user1 p.o


I want user2 to see all user2 p.o



I have a field that call request by which input the user name when they login.


I using a script but not working  (Look something like this)


Go to layout [list]

If [Get accountname = admin]

Show all records

Else If [Getaccoutname = user1]

Omit Multiply Records [ table:request by /= "user1"]

End If


Everytime i do this give me all record in all account else it a new record then i all see the new record.


 I am one the right path??




P.S this has to happen though the IWP