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    Need some quick advice



      Need some quick advice


      Need your help to solve a small dilemma...


      I need a script or some direction on the following situation.  " IF (something) = "Y"; then show (something) in a list or layout with data, IF Not; then don't show (something) in list.


      Sorry for being basic with this, but I'm not a full time programmer and have been self taught with FMP.  Lots of Trial and Error.


      Thanks for any suggestions or directions on how to presue this.



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          Don't be sorry!  Everyone here is in some stage of learning FileMaker, and that's why everyone else is here.  :-)


          If you need a script, then go into ScriptMaker, create a new script, and follow these instructions:


          From the commands on the left side, select: If


          On the right side, you will see "If []" appear, with "End If" immediately below it.  With "If []" highlighted, click on "Specify".  This brings you to another screen to enter the search criteria.


          I'm assuming your (something) is a field name, so on the left side, find the field you want to evaluate and double-click it.  The field will appear in the bottom portion, perhaps preceded by the table name.  Enter "=" and then enter: "Y".  Click OK, and you will be brought back to the Edit Script window.


          Next, from the left side, select: Go to Layout


          Add this, and you will see it appear indented just below the If command.  Select the Layout you want to view.


          From the left side, select: Else


          From the left side, select: Go to Layout

          (yes, again)

          Select the Layout you want to view if (something) does not equal "Y"


          Your script should now look something like the following:


          If ["something="Y""]

             Go to Layout ["Layout #1"]


             Go to Layout ["Layout #2"]

          End If


          In essence, we check to see if (something) equals "Y".  If so, we go to Layout #1.  If not (else), we go to Layout #2. 


          This should get you pointed in the right direction.


          Let me know if you want me to clarify any of the above steps.



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