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Need some relationship help

Question asked by mdphillips on Mar 20, 2015
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Need some relationship help


I've been working on a solution for several weeks.  The solution tracks job certifications for team members and seems to be working as needed (thanks Phil!)  Now I need to add another entity - required training.  This is definitely a many to many relationship position and training.  So after creating a table for "Training" with all the available courses.  I created a new table to relate training to positions called "Required Courses".  Everything in that step of the process seems to work correctly.  I created a layout for Required Courses which allows you to see all of the classes for a given position.  Here's where I'm getting hung up.  I would like to setup a portal, preferably on the Team Members layout, that will show a list of all the required courses for the member's position(s).  I believe I need to have an additional table instance (which I know how to do) of Required Courses and relate it to Member Positions but I can't for the life of me see how to join them.  I've tried several different ways but am obviously doing something newbie stupid and missing a step.  Any words of wisdom from the veterans?