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Need Sub Summary in Portal

Question asked by PhilipRoss on Jan 24, 2013
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Need Sub Summary in Portal


     I am working on a database that involves producing agendas for attendees at a conference.

     There are tables for the attendees and for the meetings.

     Each record in the meeting table has the name, date, time, room, group, and speaker for each type of meeting.

     The attendee table has the name, title, etc of the attendee and a field designated what group they belong to.

     I am trying to produce an agenda for each attendee that only shows the meetings that his group is authorized to attend.

     I am able to get a very nice agenda for all meetings with sub summaries by date, then by meeting time.

     The difficult part is having a table with one record for each attendee with a grid showing his/her meetings only sorted the same way, by date, then time. I can get a portal in place that filters correctly to only show their authorized meetings, but I can't fiqure out how to make it look like  the whole agenda does.

     I have attached screen shots of how the grid looks with all the meetings on the top and how it looks now using the portal on the bottom.

     I would appreciate any help.

     Thank you.