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    Need Suggestion



      Need Suggestion


      Hello Guys, 

      I am working on solution that will generate the paking list reports.
      Its very simple database which has only 3 tables

      01. Customer 02. Order 03. Address
      Relationshio P_Customer ID ------> F_Custmer_ID (Orders) -------> f_customeridx (Address)

      This is How it should work 
      Customer can have multiple orders  and multiple address

      What i did ,

      I created the setup like in above description, So First  there is option to Enter new customer and Find Customers

      * using these 2 options data entry user can decide where this customer is in the system or not

      If this customer in the system already user can create just new package list order for that customer and If not enter all the user data first in to the customer then create package list order.

      My Client does not like that way . what he want to do is go to the order table , and create new record ,  and grab the customer details (from drop down menu). 

      Can somebody suggesst me is it good way to do ? if so can you help me how to do that ? 

      In case if some record does not exsist how can we create a customer from order ?

      Any help apricieated


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          Customer can have multiple orders  and multiple address

          I don't think your existing relationships will support multiple addresses for the same customer. A relationship that links by an address ID might be a better option for you.

          But that's a different issue. To address the specific problem...

          Orders::F_Customer_ID can be formatted with a value list where the list has Customer::P_Customer_ID as field 1 and a Customer name field from this same table as field 2. (You may need to add a calculation field that combines first and last names to use for this second field.) The user can then select a name from the value list, but it actually enters the ID number to link the order record to the customer's record in the customer table.

          If you pull down the list and can't find the customer, a "new customer button" can be included that creates a new record in the customer table. If all the needed fields are also present on your Order layout, you can then just fill in the information directly on the order layout. If not, your script would need to use a different layout for new customers. This can be just a layout change or you can get fancy and use new window to open a window to the new customer layout so you can enter the data for the new customer and then close the window to return to the order layout.

          This is the simplest approach, but not necessarily the best. It can make searching for a customer very tedious due to having to scroll through a very long list of customers and handling cases where two customers have the same name can be a problem. (Sorting your value list by customer name in this value list will drop out any customers with duplicate names.)

          There are several scripted approaches that use either an auto complete drop down list based on the customer's name or a filtered "search portal" to do a name based search to find an existing customer. Each of these approaches use a script to handle duplicate customer names and also to enter the selected customer's ID number.

          Here's a demo file that illustrates several such approaches: http://www.4shared.com/file/plr_jbkk/EnhancedValueSelection.html

          If you see a technique you like but can't figure out how it works, let me know in a follow up question and I'll help you understand it.

          My apologies for the fact that this sharing site no longer allows non-members to download from it. Membership is free, but you'll have to sign up in order to download. I am currently evaluating several alternative sites to use in place of this one so that this will not be necessary in the future.

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            Hello Phil , Thanks for the help. it worked.