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Question asked by applelakshan1 on Apr 19, 2012
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Need Suggestion


Hello Guys, 

I am working on solution that will generate the paking list reports.
Its very simple database which has only 3 tables

01. Customer 02. Order 03. Address
Relationshio P_Customer ID ------> F_Custmer_ID (Orders) -------> f_customeridx (Address)

This is How it should work 
Customer can have multiple orders  and multiple address

What i did ,

I created the setup like in above description, So First  there is option to Enter new customer and Find Customers

* using these 2 options data entry user can decide where this customer is in the system or not

If this customer in the system already user can create just new package list order for that customer and If not enter all the user data first in to the customer then create package list order.

My Client does not like that way . what he want to do is go to the order table , and create new record ,  and grab the customer details (from drop down menu). 

Can somebody suggesst me is it good way to do ? if so can you help me how to do that ? 

In case if some record does not exsist how can we create a customer from order ?

Any help apricieated