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need to access a specific record with a dynamically generated URL

Question asked by David_1 on May 5, 2010


need to access a specific record with a dynamically generated URL


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I am creating a database for university course proposals.  The concept is that our faculty would come to a php form that I've created to propose a new program.  When they submit the proposal the information will be e-mailed to their direct supervisor (that they reference on the initial form) for approval.  Once the course is approved by the direct supervisor the course proposal administrator (in my office) would take it and follow through with the process.

I've got the database working the way I'd like for it to.  I've created the initial php form for the faculty to access and populate with their specific information.  My next step is to have the system create the notification email to their direct supervisor.  Each supervisor will be supplied with a username/password to allow them restricted  access to the system via IWP.  

My preference would be to include within the notification email a URL that would bring the supervisor directly back to that specific record and they would only see the required identification fields and a field to approve or decline the request.  I'm trying to figure out how to generate this URL.

Any ideas?

Your help is greatly appreciated.