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    Need to attach images to database



      Need to attach images to database


      I need a little help importing images to a database. The images are named by item number, and there is a reference to the item numbers in the database. The only problem is that the item numbers and image names dont perfectly match, there are some trailing zeros that are not included in the images name.

      I did perform a forum search and what came up really didnt help much. I'm really a beginner at this so please be as detailed as possible with the instruction. I have absolutely no experience with file maker pro, we downloaded a trial version to see if this would work and plan to purchase if this works out for us.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance or contemplation for that matter..  :)

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          Can you give some examples of those image names (file names I assume?) that "don't perfectly match?".

          Import Records | Folder can certainly be used to import the images into a table that includes a field for the file name and a container field for the image.

          The issue then is in how to fix the cases where the file name doesn't perfectly match to a field in a related table. I'm hoping we can describe a method where after import you can perform a find for all image records that fail to match and then one method or another can be used to repair the value in the field so that they do perfectly match.

          Also, will this be a regular import of images where the names "don't perfectly match" or is this a one time job to get the initial set up working?

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            You can create a script in which set a variable ($filename) with the filename. Please give more detail and an example and I can try to help you in creating the function con eliminate the 0s.

            The other instruction just insert in  a container field (FieldImage) the image. It use just a reference (link) to the image file. If you do not specify reference the DB became quite bigger, depending on the number of images and their size.

            Set Variable[$filename;”Image_file:name”]

            Insert File[YourTable::FieldImage;“filename” ]


            moreover doubleclicking on this container field or use Goto filed (select/perform) in a script it will open the image

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              OK I took care of this issue, just asked my DBA to export a list of complete image names. Thx guys...