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Need to click on Layout to get calc fields

Question asked by JimBessette on Dec 17, 2013
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Need to click on Layout to get calc fields


     I had a layout that works great.  It has a couple of calc fields, and as soon as I see the record, everything is filled out.  User now asks "can we put that in a portal on the xxx layout".  Well, sure, why not?   So I do. I put it in a tab (as there are other tabs on the same layout).   Problem is that when I go to that tab, the calc fields are not calculated until I click on the layout somewhere (actually, in an area that's not a field, or a 2nd click on the tab.  I've tried all kinds of triggers, but can seem to get anything to essentially emulate a mouse click.  I'm to the point that I actually SPEAK that I'm in the right tab.  I've tried Refresh Window - nothing.   Any ideas?

     Thanks, Jim