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Need to construct a list

Question asked by isaaclhaywood on Aug 9, 2014
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Need to construct a list



     I have been researching across forums to try to find an answer that helps me unfortunately I have not been able to locate the proper answer.  

     I need a list that will show data on one table in one list. This data needs to be data incoming from multiple tables and multiple fields.

     For example-Table (Main menu) will be where the list will be stored

     then say we have 

     Table1 - field 3 + Field 4

     table 2 - field 3 + Field 4

     Table 3 - Field 3 + Field 4


     All I need is to make a list on main menu

     T1-Field 3 and 4 (LINK to Table)

     T2-Field 3 and 4 ( LINK to Table)

     T3-Field 3  and 4 (LINK to Table)


     The Link to table is a feature I would like to include in the list.