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    Need to create a contact sheet



      Need to create a contact sheet


      I am working on a photography database and I have set up for each record to show the image and it's accompanying information. Once I have performed a search for images I want to be able to create contact sheets of the resulting images and only their file names. Is there a way to set this up within FileMaker?

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          Certainly possible. This could be much like a "labels" style layout with the records printed in columns to produce a grid. A container field can store the image and a text or calculation field can display the file name. Such a layout appears in columns only when printed or previewed however. In browse mode, you'd see a single column of images.

          There are methods using a relationship and multiple portals, however, that can also display the images in a grid in browse mode.

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            I have been able to create a layout using the columns setup similar to labels which seems like it will work except that

            1. If I use only one container field and file name text field Filemaker only creates one row of images across multiple pages

            2. If I use 2 container fields and 2 text fields Filemaker duplicates the top row on each page underneath the first row

            Is there a script I can write or something else I should be doing so that a second row is created with the next set of images?

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              One container field per record and one image per record should be the set up to use here. Make sure that the container field is in the body of the layout (don't allow the top edge of the container field to touch or cross the header/Body boundary). Make sure that you are in view as list mode.

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                I have confirmed I am in view as list mode and can see all images and file names when scrolling down, but when I go to preview it is only showing four images across per page and I would like to be able to have at least eight images per page. Do I have an incorrect setting somewhere?

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                  Are the container fields touching the dotted line that forms the boundary between header and body? If so move them down on the layout so that they do not touch or cross this line.

                  Have you resized the body layout part in layout mode to remove the unused white space below the Text field?

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                    Thank you for your help. I have it working perfectly now.