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Need to display related fields in portal

Question asked by RobertParker on Jul 21, 2014
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Need to display related fields in portal


     Hello all!  First time poster here.  I've built several Filemaker databases over the years, but have never had this issue.  By the way, using Filemaker 13 on OS X 10.9.



     I'm building an inventory database for my wife's company.  Her business sells retail widgets.  She usually has several thousand times in stock.  The unusual aspect (for my purposes) of this business model is that every widget is unique and has it's own serial number.  The serial number contains data related info for that widget.  I am trying to create this solution so that as an invoice is created, the widget's bar code is scanned and entered into the line item, the related dated (category, description, price) from the Widgets table is displayed on the line item.


     When I tab to the line item in the portal, I enter the serial number in appropriate field, but I cannot get get the fields I am looking for to display.  The ID_SerialNumber field is indexed, but it is not the primary key for the Widgets table.  I have a field call ID_Widget (serialized, auto-enter on creation) which is the primary key.

     I have found a workaround (see pictures), by which I include a field in the portal, LineItems::IDf_Widget.  By entering the associated number for the primary key, the remaining data autofills in the portal fields just like I want.  However, this is not a practical solution because the intent is to scan barcodes to generate the invoices rapidly.  With thousands of serial numbers, I cannot see a convenient method to enter only the related primary key field.

     I have attached a picture of the database relationships and a shot of the invoice entry layout.  I appreciate any and all help.