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Need to get control of long running script

Question asked by jspurr02 on Aug 4, 2009
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Need to get control of long running script


I have a script that has now been running about 34 hours.  I stopped it after 8 hours and added the Freeze Window (and restarted where it left off), in hopes of speeding it up.  I figured it should have finished in 30-32 hours without the Freeze Window change (after 8 hours, it had completed 45,000 out of 162,000 records), so I had expected it to finish sooner.


The problem is that I cannot get the FM window to come up, (even though it is in the task bar), and do not know how to get control of the script again.


I would like to stop/pause so I can try to figure out how far it is.  How can I do this?