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    Need to know if possible



      Need to know if possible


      I am wanting to build a Church Member Directory.  What I want to do is have a "Master copy" on our church's web server that has the ability to update and add information to the databases.  And then make a dummy downed Version for the members That has no input just Hyperlinks and Pictures to give them the look and feel of like useing a web page. (You click on a name and it takes you to that person's page)

      1. Is it possible to make forms that use hyperlinks to navagate within the local databases, just Links and pics.

      2.My goal is to let them use it "offline" but I want to give them the ability to click a button and the program will go out to the master copy on the web server and update thier local databases via the internet, or useing mabie some kind of FTP scripting.


      So plese let me know if these things are possible, and any other feedback or comments will be appreaciated.




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          1. While not strictly a "hyperlink" you can define a field as a button to perform a script when it is clicked and this can be given pretty much the look and feel of a hyperlink.

          2. I suppose it's possible, but I advise against it. Instead you can host the file from a server, but use passwords (even an auto-entered "guest" password) to control what information users can see and what operations they can perform. This is much simpler to set up than trying to set up something that works off line with some kind of "synch" system for getting updates from the server.

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            I am wondering though with this set up, I have the funds to purchace filemaker advanced, and not another $500 for filemaker server. and it says you can share with 9 users.  I dont know if that translates into how many users would be able to log into the database at once. if so I have over 200 members so it would be a pain logging in, that is why I was thinking of a quick synch, so the databases would not be tied up.

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              9 Users is the number of other users with filemaker Pro installed on their computer that can connect to the hosted file. Runtimes generated from filemaker won't work for this as they can't network.

              You'd either publish your database to the web--perhaps through a hosting company so that users can access the database from their web browsers or you'll have to be completely off line. If you use a copy of filemaker Pro to publish with Instant Web Publishing, you are limited to 5 simultaneous users. (Anybody can link to it, but no more than 5 at one time.)

              By distributing Runtimes to your members, you could set up a system that emails updated data files to the members. That's the best I can suggest from what you describe.