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Need to know if possible

Question asked by DennisShields on Aug 12, 2010
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Need to know if possible


I am wanting to build a Church Member Directory.  What I want to do is have a "Master copy" on our church's web server that has the ability to update and add information to the databases.  And then make a dummy downed Version for the members That has no input just Hyperlinks and Pictures to give them the look and feel of like useing a web page. (You click on a name and it takes you to that person's page)

1. Is it possible to make forms that use hyperlinks to navagate within the local databases, just Links and pics.

2.My goal is to let them use it "offline" but I want to give them the ability to click a button and the program will go out to the master copy on the web server and update thier local databases via the internet, or useing mabie some kind of FTP scripting.


So plese let me know if these things are possible, and any other feedback or comments will be appreaciated.