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Need to line up horizontal fields when printing

Question asked by steacy on Jul 30, 2010
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Need to line up horizontal fields when printing


I have a database that has two colums side by side - the left field contains a title and the right field pulls an accumulation of data from a few other fields on a different layout.

My problem is that the left field usually only contains one word, and the right field can have multiple lines.

When I select the sliding/printing and get everything to slide up - the left field stop lining up with the info in the right fields - this is important for this report.

I need this to work as there are going to be empty field in between the horizontal ones and these need not show up, so have to use the "reduce the size of the enclosing part" which is where I think the problem is, but I'm not sure.

If I add the same number of lines in the left field as there are in the right field, everything lines up when printing, but that is too labour intensive.

Any suggestions?