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Need to post data from portals into columns on report

Question asked by user17887 on Oct 5, 2012
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Need to post data from portals into columns on report


     I have two tables.  One contains information about fashion silhouettes and the other about the styles that are created from the silhoeuettes.  I need to create a report that lists the silhouette numbers and the styles that were created from them across rather than down.  I can do that by using a single portal and choosing the initial row but thats where it gets complicated.  Styles are 5 characters.  The styles are categorized in to three types and each has its own column on the report.  The styles are identified by the third digit. 1,4,5 is one type 2,8,6 is another and 3,9,7 is the third type.

     Here is my issue:

     The report needs to contain a fixed column for each type of style.  If a style was not created than the style number for that column needs to be blank.  This is needed because the column heading lists the type of style.  Each style also has units sold associated to it.  The report has a column header for the number of units for each style type.  Te same principal applies.  The column needs to exist for each unit count but certain fields are blank because that style wasn't created so no units were sold

     I tried creating a field for each style type and copying the style number there if the third digit matches the pattern.  THis works but it only displays properly if three styles are made for the silhouette.  Otherwise the styles are all shifted and the column headings don't match.

     Any ideas?