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    Need to pull data from unrelated table - new to Filemaker Pro



      Need to pull data from unrelated table - new to Filemaker Pro


      I am new to FileMaker Pro, but experienced in Database design. I've ported a database from SQL Server into FileMaker with the assumption that I could make the database structure work in either place, but I am having trouble with one design concept.

      My problem is this:

      I'm designing factory software to be used both in the US and in China. I have a table containing nothing but the Table and Column name data translated into Chinese, so that I can display the Column names in Chinese and English. The fields are:





      I thought perhaps I could set up a calculation field for each field in my regular tables, and pull back the chinese translation of that column name.  It would be easy enough to do in a query - "SELECT ColumnNameChinese FROM ColumnNames WHERE TableName = 'Contacts' and ColumnName = 'FamilyName'"

      But I can't figure this out in FileMaker.

      I'm very new to FileMaker, so I don't even know if this is possible, or if I just don't know enough to see an easy solution.

      Thanks for any help!

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          What an interesting idea!

          One end run around the issue would be to use a data separation model implementation of your database. You put all your layouts, scripts, value lists etc. in File 1 and put the data in file 2. Now you can create Two versions of your interface file (file 1) for each language. You can place layout text in the appropriate language on the layouts to label each field. Instead of table view--a view that often gives the user too much freedom to manipulate columns (IMO)--you'd use list view with the fields arranged in a narrow body to produce the table like view of the data.

          Implementing the exact method you are using here may be possible, but you have to keep in mind that the SQL way of doing things just isn't an option for FileMaker developers and you often have to use a very different approach to get the same results.

          I'm looking at your SQL and have a question before I try to suggest a FileMaker equivalent here. I see a select statement that would select all the chinese field names, but how would you have implemented it to make it selectable so that English users see ColumnName values and Chinese users see ColumnNameChinese?

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            Thanks PhilModJunk! My boss and I chatted about it as well, and he came up with the solution of just making the column names for each table pipe-delimited in English and Chinese. So it is sort of a smooshed-together version of your two-file concept. I think I'll end up creating two different layouts for the forms that both countries need to use - that's a good idea.

            thanks again for the quick response!