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Need to see empty?

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Dec 18, 2013
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Need to see empty?


I have as a portal in my SUBJECT table that comes from my PROBLEMS table. I have a value list called Platform that consists of:


When I create a PROBLEM record it shows up in the portal. I then created a way to filter the portal by PROBLEM::platform so I create a field and set it up like so:

SUBJECT::splatform =

Let ([

@vl = ValueListItems(Get(FileName); "Platform")];

Case (

SUBJECT::xplatform = "All";





so in SUBJECT I have a field that (s_platform) that I set up a relationship to like this

pk = fk
splatform = platform

to filter I set the global (SUBJECT::xplatform)to use a dropdown list. The filter works as long as the members of problem have a PROBLEM::platform set(by dropdown). How come I cannot seem to find a way to see members of PROBLEM if there is nothing set yet in PROBLEM::platform. I have tried to add to my case statement various form of trapping for an “Empty” value of PROBLEM::platform. I have tried things like add the lines.



  to  my Case statement. I can’t seem to get to include what I am calling a “” empty as a something I will make visible in portal. I want when I choose "All" that any value shows up in the portal even if empty. What concept am I not understanding here?