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Upgrade from FM6 to FM9 same script crashes FM9

Question asked by syncopatiac on Dec 3, 2008
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Upgrade from FM6 to FM9 same script crashes FM9


I run a verify script that checks to see if all the files are where they are supposed to be and not corrupted. I am in the process of converting files to FM9. The FM6 files run fine, but the FM9 sometimes do and sometimes don't. When I run the verify script a second time I sometimes see the dreaded beach ball before the FM program crashes. This does not happen in FM6. There are 9 files to check and FM gets to about 2 of them before crashing. Even when I run script debugger this happens. But the odd thing is sometimes it will run through the whole script.


I don't actually care why it works in 6 and not in 9. I just want to fix it and have spent many hours trying various combinations of ideas before I finally am reaching out for help. None seem to work, so I am open to any suggestions. By the way, the old script runs just as well on my Intel mac as it does on my G5 Power Mac.