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Upgrade from FMP 8 to 12

Question asked by brianinaz on Nov 24, 2012
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Upgrade from FMP 8 to 12



     I have a unique problem. I am using FMP 8 on an older Mac.The older mac cannot run 10.7 so it cannot be upgraded to FMP 12    I purchased an new Mac and it runs 10.7.

     The plan is to run FMP 12 on the new Mac, but the original FMP 8 is on an external hard drive via usb to old Mac.

     How do I make the switch to FMP 12 without losing the ability to continue daily operations of FMP 8?

     Ultimately, I would like to eliminate the external hard drive, install FMP 12 on the internal drive of the new Mac.

     If I move the external drive to the new Mac, will FMP 8 run under 10.7? Will it survive a sudden change of OS? Will that be a seamless transition or is there something I should know or do first?

     I can't risk losing data or use of the program while making the switch.

     How do I move the program from the external drive to the internal drive and keep full functionality of the program?

     Would it be possible to select a new destination disk while performing the upgrade? Connect the extrenal drive to the new Mac while upgrading to FMP 12, select the internal drive for the new home of FMP 12, then resave the files on the new drive from within the program?