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Upgrade path help please?

Question asked by macpublish on Dec 3, 2009
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Upgrade path help please?


I have been using various versions of Filemaker since the early 1990s but I stopped at version 6.0v4. I am currently running a Mac G4 Quicksilver w/ Tiger (10.4.11). I use many, many FM databases to run my business and personal life. Now I need to upgrade to a new Mac and I assume that it will come with 10.6. So my questions are:


Will my version of Filemaker ( 6.0v4) work with the new Mac? If not, what is the next version of FM (not necessarily the latest) that will work on a new iMac running 10.6. And will this version convert my databases automatically from version 6? I know FM changed its underlying structure at some point after I stopped upgrading (haxy memory here) so I am concerned about my scripts, related files, etc. I have some printed reports but I could touch those up if need be. If I have to do a lot of work to port my databases over, I would consider another solution...such as using a dedicated mac to run it as a legacy system. But that would be less than ideal.


I appreciate any thoughts, info, comments.