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    Upgrade path help please?



      Upgrade path help please?


      I have been using various versions of Filemaker since the early 1990s but I stopped at version 6.0v4. I am currently running a Mac G4 Quicksilver w/ Tiger (10.4.11). I use many, many FM databases to run my business and personal life. Now I need to upgrade to a new Mac and I assume that it will come with 10.6. So my questions are:


      Will my version of Filemaker ( 6.0v4) work with the new Mac? If not, what is the next version of FM (not necessarily the latest) that will work on a new iMac running 10.6. And will this version convert my databases automatically from version 6? I know FM changed its underlying structure at some point after I stopped upgrading (haxy memory here) so I am concerned about my scripts, related files, etc. I have some printed reports but I could touch those up if need be. If I have to do a lot of work to port my databases over, I would consider another solution...such as using a dedicated mac to run it as a legacy system. But that would be less than ideal.


      I appreciate any thoughts, info, comments. 

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          Filemaker 5.5 runs on Leopard. Have not had the opportunity to run a test on Snow Leopard.

          Webtube anedotes indicate it will, depending on the complexity of the databases.

          It is not supported by Filemaker.

          I have only done a few FMP 5 or 6 to FMP10.

          There can be issues with complexity and database corruption that are ignored by early versions and cause problems with current versions.


          I would recommend to do a Recover database in FMP6, do the conversion into FMP10, do a Recover in FMP10 and testing.

          This is probably overkill, however...

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            So there is a chance that 6 will run on snow leopard? That is very heartening! Keeping my databases as is in FM v6 would be ideal for my needs. As soon as I get the new iMac, I will report back on how it works out. If it does not run in snow leopard, I will try the conversion process you outlined. THANKS!

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              Reporting back with details would be appreciated.

              (might help with my Snow Leopard update when I am asked) 

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                   Will definitely report back. Just a matter of when I get the iMac and get it set up. But I will bookmark the thread and get back to you. Thanks again!
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                     Well, got the imac faster than I thought. Picked it up this AM and just finished file/user transfer from G4. FM 6 seems to be working just fine with snow leopard so far. Did a battery of tests with everyday files/scripts and no conflicts that I can see. Cheers!
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                    I am finding some issues. Some scripts crashed FMP6. Most involved printing so I reset the printing steps to show dialog and all was well. After the script was reset/fixed, I set them back to print without dialog and all is well. I still can't print though because snow leopard stopped supporting appletalk and I have older LWs. So I am making PDFs and printing from a G4/Tiger. But that is not a FMP issue.


                    There was at least one script that did not involve printing that also crashed FMP. It was a window script (go to layout, set zoom level, unzoom window, scroll home). I recreated the script one step at a time and it works now.


                    One thing that will definitely crash FMP6 on my system every time is trying to select the user dictionary. It does not even go to the dialog...just crash-arroo. 


                    Not too bad. I can get my work done until an upgrade is fully in order. I will report back if I find anything major.