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    Upgrade to 13 breaks a formula?



      Upgrade to 13 breaks a formula?


           I drag and drop photos into a DBase and have a calculation fields that strips off the long pathname and displays only the filename of the image in the container field.  Formula is below (might be wrong as this place doesn't seem to let me copy paste)

           Right(GetValue (Pic;4);Lengfth(GetValue ( Pic;4))-Position ( GetValue (Pic;4);"?";1,1))

           It works like a champ.  Until...I upgraded to FM13  Last night I dragged and dropped and no filename. I see 13 has new container calculations, so I tried replacing the formula with

           GetContainerAttribute ( Pic;Filename) and all I get is a "?" in the field.  I thought maybe the entire pathname would be too long to display so tried making it a much larger box, smaller font etc, but no joy.

           I don't know why the old formula wouldn't work anymore.  Any ideas"?"


           Oh...images from prior to the upgrade, still display their names



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               As far as I know, there's been no change here between 12 and 13 but Drag and Drop can be different between 11 and 12. Might you have updated from 11 or older to 13 here?

               Also, the storage option specified for the container field can make a difference. Might you have specified "external storage"?

               There's a download link to a file int that thread that you can use to inspect the full text that can be extracted from a container field. I recommend downloading this file, doing the drag and drop and then inspecting the text in the file. There's also a more sophisticated calculation field example in this file that extracts the file name from the container field no matter what combination insertion method and storage option is in use for that field.

               Note to self: really need to investigate GetContainerAttribute to see what it can or can't do...

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                 I see only versions 12 & 13 on my machine, so I'm certain the upgrade was as described. 

                 Yes, I do have external storage selected on the container field.  

                 I"ll try the files you suggest.  The GetContainerAttribute try was the result of a search.  LIke I said, I don't know why it would suddenly stop working.  That has not been my experience with upgrades. 


                 I'll take a look tonight...thanks for your help.

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                        so I'm certain the upgrade was as described.

                   "as described" in your original post does not indicate what version you had before you upgraded to 13.wink