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Upgrade to FileMaker10 Pro Adv.

Question asked by dweidner_1 on Jan 5, 2009


Upgrade to FileMaker10 Pro Adv.


Hi there,


I am using Filemaker for Years. Version 8, upgraded to Version 8.5 and finally  upgraded to Version 9.

I bought, and of course payed for it Sep 25. 2008.

Today I saw that there is a new Version of Filemaker.

When I called for the upgrade price I have been told, I have

to pay the full upgrade price. It does not matter if I just payed for an upgrade

from Version 8.5 to Version 9.

Upgrade prices for Version 8, 8.5 and Version 9 to 10 are all the same.

That makes me feel really good.

No - quite frankly that feels like

a rip-off.  Just paid $200 US for nothing?




Deeply disappointed Customer