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    Upgrade To Pro 10 From 8.5



      Upgrade To Pro 10 From 8.5


      We have applications running on Pro 8.5 Local Host Sharing settings now.  We are considering upgrading to Pro 10 (Server settings ???) due to users increase.

      We need to evaluate both technical and cost aspects on converting our applications. Can anyone direct us to documents, web sites, or ... regarding this matter?  Thanks.



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             Use the Support Link at the top of the screen to navigate to the Knowledge Base. You can pull up tech specs on FMP 10 and FMServer 10 from that database. There may also be articles in there on any upgrade issues.
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            Thank you Phil.


            I am new to FM development and deployment environments.  Do we have general description on how FM Pro and FM Server are related? For example:


            1.  Are FM Pro meant for developers / programmers to design/develop application? 

            2.  Do general application users need FM Pro on their workstation once application is deployed?

            3.  What OS rights on workstations will developers / programmers need?

            4.  Others...


            We have searched Knowledge db and came up with information that is not easy for us to know which is applicable to our situation. Our first step is to figure out how many levels of control (administrator, developer, general users, etc.) and settings for each control?


            Any comments and idea?





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              Hi LeoCA,


              One of the specs on FMP 10 puts the maximum number of concurrent users at 9 (up from 5 on FMP 8).  Based on your previous post, this puts you close to your total of 10 intermittent users so the Server version may be better suited to meet your future growth needs.



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                Thank you Jade.


                Yes, we feel FM Pro Server is the best choice.  However, we need to justify our IT investment based on our IT governing policy.  We try to evaluate how much investment we need to put in if we upgrade?  What I am looking for is basic system architecture of using FM Pro Server? What components of FM software needed on each level of workstation?


                Any help is appreciated.



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                  Thank you for your post.


                  FileMaker Server merely hosts the files.  It is not a development environment.  All files hosted on FileMaker Server are accessible by those using FileMaker Pro and/or FileMaker Pro Advanced.


                  The files are created with FileMaker Pro (or FileMaker Pro Advanced) and then served using FileMaker Server.


                  The file format is the same for FileMaker Pro 8.5 and FileMaker Pro 10, so there shouldn't be much modification to your files, unless you want to take advantage of the FileMaker Pro 9 and 10 features that don't exist in FileMaker Pro 8.5.


                  There is a FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced product.  If you go to our web site, click on the Products tab and select FileMaker Pro Server, this should give you some information about FileMaker Server.  You can then click "Compare", and there will be a comparison between FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced.


                  This should help with the decision making process, and I'm sure it will bring up more questions.  Please let me know if you need additional information.



                  FileMaker, Inc. 

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                    Thank you for the response. We are looking into "Compare" area on your web sites.

                    In the interim, do you mean that Application General Users need to have Pro 10 installed on their machines?

                    This sounds like that the operation environment is traditional "client-server" settings, NOT like "light client" or web enable settings, isn't it?





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                      You are correct. Each workstation will need at least FMPro, Each server will need at least FMServer. If I understand the technical info I've read/heard, recent FMP updates have moved more of the load from the client to the server machines but they are still most definitely NOT "thin client" installations.


                      It is also well worth the extra $$ to have at least one copy of FMP advanced for an "in house" developer to use to maintain and modify your files. A workstation with FMP advanced does not also need "FMP regular" installed.


                      Hope that answers all your questions.