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      Been using 2.1 for windows all these years for my Xmas card mailing and very happy with it, but it will not work on Vista (don't know about W7 yet).  What path do I need to take to get something usable?

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          First, You'll find there's been a lot of changes to what filemaker can do. I'd download the free trial install of Filemaker and spend some time with it to learn some of it's new capabilities.


          Second, you'll want to read Knowledge Base Article #7084 to learn more about the upgrade process


          Third, since you won't be able to simply open such an old version of filemaker with FMP 10 and have it convert, you'll probably have to export the data from your current filemaker files as tab or csv files and then import them into a new FMP 10 file. That brings the data in but you'll have to recreate your layouts from scratch.