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    Upgrading ?



      Upgrading ?


      I am currently operating Filemaker Pro7 on a Mac OS X v.10.5.8 with the Leopard system am ready to upgrade to the Snow Leopard and need to upgrade to the Filemaker Pro 10. Which should I do first? The Snow Leopard upgrade or the Filemaker Pro10 upgrade? (My fileMaker files are very important to my business and I do not transfer files from excel) erickvic

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          Since FMP 7 and FMP 10 files use the same file format. There's no real conversion that takes place here. You just get the additional new features that have been added since FMP 7 was released. I'd make that change first.


          The major change will be Snow Leopard. Judging from the numerous posts here, I'd read check out those posts first to see if any might raise an issue for your database and read up on them before making that change.

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            I am using fm9 and recently upgraded to snow leopard from 10.5.6. No transition issues regarding fm9. Have other issues with snow leopard, however thats for another forum.