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Upgrading FM-based Projects

Question asked by NaturSalus on Dec 20, 2011
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Upgrading FM-based Projects



Since I began to dwell with FM 11 one year ago, one of the most difficult concepts to grasp was the relationship between the tool (FM 11) and the outcome (project, database).

For any other piece of software there is a clear distinction between the two and the relationship is maintained even when you upgrade the tool. For example, let's imagine that we are using a piece of software to create websites, name WebSite Creator v1. Using the piece of software (tool) I can create as many websites (outcomes) as I want. I even can upgrade the WebSite Creator from version v1 to v5 and still all the websites (outcomes) are recognized by the upgrade and can benefit from the new improvements.

However, the picture looks like quite different with FM 11 since the "parent tool" creates outcomes that behave like "children tools" able to generate more outcomes.

Imagine that using FM 11 Pro Advanced (parent tool) I have developed an FM-based project called Meetings Manager that has a series of capabilities and I have called it: Meetings Manager v1. Let's imagine that I have been quite successful and quite a few customers have bought it.

So using, Meetings Manager v1 the different customers have created different databases to manage their meetings.

After sometime, I have improved the FM-based application, and after introducing several improvement,s I have on sale Meetings Manager v2.

My question is: what happens to the clients that using Meetings Manager v1 created several databases, and now they want to but the new Meetings Manager v2 and want to apply the new "improvements" to the databases created with v1, how do they do that?

Do they have to import into Meetings Manager v2 the "old" databases created with Meetings Manager v1?

What happens to the structure of the "old" databases if the new Meetings Manager v2 has new tables with new relationships?

Aa you can see, I am having a hard time visualizing how the user can utilize  an "old" database created with an FM-based application and later on using it with an upgrade of the same FM-based application.